Why it will Be Unfair for APC to Support South East Candidate for President Ahead of South West

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As the 2023 presidential election approaches, the ruling All Progressives Congress appears to have finally settled for power rotation in favour of the South. Yet, the party still needs to decide on how to micro-zone its presidential ticket. 

The two zones that are in contention are South West and South East. And according to a report in Tribune, APC leaders are torn between the two zones. A faction of the party is rooting for the South East and trying to persuade others to join the campaign, while the others have insisted that the South West deserve the presidential ticket more.

The Tribune report has also noted that recently the pro-South East camp is growing and becoming louder, while the Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi, an ally of President Buhari has become a regular mention in the projection for 2023.

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Also recently, a chieftain of the APC from the South East, Osita Okechukwu alleged that Buhari was silently in support of the Igbo presidency project. But the Director-General of the Voice of Nigeria did say how. Indeed, if the APC goes through with this pro-South East agenda, it will be an injustice to the South West.

This report will highlight why it will be unfair for the APC to support the South East over the South West in the race for the party’s presidential ticket.

South West was very instrumental to the conceptualization of and funding of APC

In 2013, when the South-East was still deep into the PDP politics, the South West initiated a move for the creation of a mega party, which became known as the APC. Besides championing the formation of the party, the South West leaders like Bola Tinubu played leading roles in the funding of the party, as well as helping it win the 2015 and 2019 elections. 

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It was not until APC had won the presidential election in 2015 and became the dominant party that some South-East leaders came on board. So it will be unfair to ignore the vision, sweat and sacrifices of the South West, just to appease the sentiment of the South East.

The South-East was a minority partner in 2013 when APC agreed to a power rotation arrangement

In 2013, just before the 2015 election, APC leaders agreed to a North-South power rotation agreement. The South East played a minor role in that agreement because she was still stuck with PDP. Technically, the parties to that agreement were North and South West, those were the two regions that believed in the vision and invested wholeheartedly in the APC project.

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Therefore it will be unfair for the South East to reap what it did not sow. The region can wait until the subsequent election. 

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