'Jollof rice' war emits again after voyager shares photograph of the dish served on a plane to Ghana

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The well known jollof rice battle among Nigeria and Ghana ejected again after a voyager shared a photograph of a pack of 'jollof rice' served on a British Airways flight enroot to Ghana.

The Twitter client with the name @Joevarock ignited the discussion after she posted photographs of the jollof rice she got on a plane.

The two Nigerians and Ghanaians tracked down the photograph of the alleged jollof rice diverting as many couldn't determine whether that was without a doubt jollof rice.

Some Twitter clients handled the spelling of the 'jollof rice' showed on the pack of food.

For certain Nigerians contrasting the photograph of the food with the shades of the Ghana banner, Ghanaians on other hand denied such food was Ghana jollof.

The following are a portion of the tweets;

This is not the first time jollof feud get started on social media and even in movie acting.

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