Spiritual Powers Of Sand Which You Spiritual Powers Of Sand Which You Must Know In Your Daily Life.


There are spiritual uses of sand which we need to know in our daily lives but due to the lack of knowledge we don't know how it works.

After this article i will show you the spiritual powers of sand .

Some are some of the spiritual powers of sand;

1) when you are faced with some challenges in your life, you can insist to solve it by using sand to pray yourself out of it.

2) if you are sick in spiritually or physically, you should pray with sand and ask God for healing and you will surely be healed.

3) sand can be used to cure life threatening situations by praying on sand.

Ask God to bear you witness between you and your enemy and the situation will be arrested.

4) sand can be used to breaks curses such as generational or spells, that is when someone place curse on you angrily or during misunderstood.

5) Go outside, take some amount of sand on the ground and pray on it, after the praying put it in your bathing water and take your bath at the night for about 7nights and see magic.

Remember, Jesus had the power to heal the woman in the bible, but he spat on sand before using it to tray her.

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