Ginger Juice Is Sweet! Check Out How To Prepare It At Home

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Natural drinks should be incorporated into our food timetable because they have many health benefits compared to soft drinks which have preservatives. Natural drinks are made from freshly grown farm produce with little or no chemical substance and they are prepared with natural ingredients. In this article, we will be discussing how to make Ginger Juice.

Drinking Ginger Juice is good for human health. It helps to improve digestion, relieves cold and congestion and it is anti-inflammatory which aids pain relief. In addition, Ginger Juice helps in controlling high blood pressure. Check out how to make Ginger Juice below:




Mint Leaves

Lemon Juice


Materials Needed


Cloth Sieve

Small Mortar and Pestle


1.      Wash the ginger very well and peel the hard part. Cut into smaller pieces so that it can easily blend.

2.      Pour the chopped ginger into the blender and add little water that will blend the ginger. Blend until it becomes very smooth and set aside.

3.      Mash the mint leaves in the mortar and boil clean water for some minutes.

4.      Add the mashed mint leaves, hot water and squeeze lemon juice into the blended ginger, then stir together.

5.      Spread the cloth sieve on a large bowl and sieve the ginger juice to remove the hard particles. You can add little sugar to taste

6.      You can take your Ginger Juice warm or you can refrigerate for hours before drinking it.

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