Love At First Sight: AIi Is Blessed With The Most Beautiful Lady On Date Rush With Heavy Backside


Love is sweet, love is priceless , love is precious, love is blind. Love is felt at the unexpected moment and the unexpected time. Who knew Ali was going to get a date tonight?

Well, Ali himself was shocked to finally find love in the eyes of Shemima who got almost all the guys crushing on her. She had everything that most guys of today needs in a girl or lady. She's very beautiful with all the decorated goods naturally gifted. 

 Ali and Shemima's love is a clear definition of love at first sight. The moment Shemima came on stage and was asked whether she had seen or like the guys she said yes, and was later asked the number of guys she thinks she loves but her answer was "only one" 

And guess who that one person was!! Ali!!!. She told Ali in the process that she had a crush on him, and that made most of the guys to turn off their rushes . Because at a point everyone knew whom she was going to chose.

Well, socia media fans are saying if only Ali had a rush then Fatima has to tap into his blessings. Because the two seems to be of the same character. What happened today on date rush is an indication to the youth out there that; no matter the amount or number of people that stand for the same gold, you should never give up because everyone really deserve love.