Trending- Ejura youth clash with soldiers and send another ‘strong’ message to them


The Ejura youth have sent a powerful message to the soldiers and have caused massive stir. The youth who have been overwhelmed by the ruthless and wicked act of the soldiers who stormed the town have sent a strong yet a very simple message to the army.

They clashed with the army during a peaceful protest but were not heard or considered in anyway. The soldiers who thought they had weapons at their disposal used them in every illegal way they can.

This has made the Ejura youth angry and forced them to send these powerful messages to the soldiers. The youth have been seen in a video today boldly telling the army that they should not think they’re men than them. In the video they made it clear that the only thing separating them from the soldiers is the guns they are holding.

The video which has been trending since it surfaced online featured some youth from Ejura where the soldiers hit and were seen fearless and angry. They claim if they will need weapons to protect themselves from the security service who are supposed to care for them, then so be it.

The government of Ghana and authorities have been asked to come out and explain to the general public what their plans on these acts are and how they’re going to work to listen to the youth who they are now fighting.


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