4 Types Of Women Whose Wedding Bells Are Ringing


As i write now, i believe strongly some mothers have seated their daughters down asking them when they are going to marry since they are above the age of 35.

They make it seem as if marriage has a starting age and ending stage.

 Some mother's also call their children and ask to them to tell them their reasons for not making any effort of getting married.

These mothers also make it sound as if there's a particular strategy single women should to force a man to take them to the altar. 

We also have some single women who also think being above the age of 30 and not married is a shame and they have moving from men if God to other ones looking for Spiritual intervention to get a man to out a ring on their fingers.

In short is it the desire of most unmarried women to get a man to marry as well as many mothers desire for their daughters to get a husband.

But for a woman to get married and enjoy her marriage, there are things they should be aware of.

When they have those qualities then at least it's a sign that they are prepared for marriage.

In the word of God husbands are the heads of the family and therefore their wives are supposed to submit to them so they can also love them.

And in our culture it's a norm for a wife to fully respect her own husband. So therefore if any single woman had the character of respectfulness then she is among those wedding rings are ringing. 

2. A woman who knows how to cook and serve a man

There are a lot of Mrs' who have never prepare food for their husbands before. Not that they don't want to cook but they lack the requisite know how to cook.

So they move from restaurant to restaurant to buy food and present it on the dinning tables for their husbands as if they cooked it.

And they mostly struggle to even serve them their meals. They have no idea wherectobput the meal, the cutleries and the crockeries.

My dear sisters please if you know this second step then your wedding bell is also ringing.

3. A working Woman.

The era where husbands give house keeping money, pay rents and take care of the children's school fees alone is fading off gradually.

In our time, many guys want to marry working women who can also support home in their little small way.

So the wedding bells are also ringing for any single woman who is working.

4. A woman who easily forgives and forgets.

My dear single sisters before a woman should think of getting married you must have the spirit to forgive and forget.

You should not be a person who doesn't have forgiving spirit. Because marriage has its own challenges.

It's the only institution that gives certificate to it students before classes begins. I mean the very day you get weeded they give you the woman the marriage certificate to keep.

Meanwhile certificates are mostly given to graduands and not beginners but in the school of marriage it's the other way round.

So if you are a woman who poccesses the character of forgiveness and forgetting of being offended then your wedding bell is ringing too.

God bless all women who are prepared for marriage with these as nice qualities with wonderful men for marriage.

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