A Woman Gives Birth To 5 Babies In Kisii County


Joy to the family of Douglas Nyaoko after his wife gave birth to 5 children in Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisii county. Such occasions are very rare to be heard of as a normal human being is only expected to give birth to one or two children. This incidence has amazed many as it is not easy for someone to undergo such.

From the doctor's report, it has been reported that the lady gave birth through a successful caesarian section. The report also shows that all the five children are alive and also their mother is alive and she is recovering.

According to the father of the quintuplets, they were expecting four babies following an ultrasound previously done during the antenatal clinics. When his wife gave birth, they were shocked after the lady gave birth to five babies successfully.

He is calling upon all well wishers who could help him in naturing the babies, as he has no formal employment where he can depend on.

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