"Kuzofiwa" mzansi reacts to the theme and slogan of the poster where 22 people died at the traven

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This morning South Africa woke up to the sad news of 22 people who died at Enyobeni Scenery Park a traven in Eastern cape.

Different sources when continuing to gather information about what happened at the venue some are saying that the owner had sprayed pepper spray at the crowd as they were refusing to leave as it was closing time, sadly all of them became unconscious and died right in the spot.

There was a poster that wa circulating before the event about a birthday party celebration where by it shows that the theme is black and slogan was "kuzofiwa" this is a zulu word that literally means that there would be death.

This word doesn't really mean that there will be death to those who are party animals, it means there will be fun and it's gonna be lit.

Sadly the irony and the figure of speech of the word kuzofiwa has gone bad and ended in tears in Enyobeni traven. Lot of lives had been lost and definitely death occurred.

This leaves South Africans with a question mark about the poster and the incident that happened today early in the morning.

SOURCE: https://twitter.com/spitchnzawumbi/status/1540956718124900352?s=21&t=879K-iI4GK7dk99C-78JYQ

Guys what's your side of view about this matter do you think the poster,theme and the slogan should be taken in account when investigating the course of the death?

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