Moms and fathers: see how to make your kid brilliant and smart.


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For our next generation, both kids are the founders. It is also a must for your child in the other person to sharpen his or her brain so that he or she can be placed in the proper role. We all want our children to have a good fortune, so please let us pay attention to the food we have. We must all make our utmost efforts to defend them from all outlets of spirit and bad deficiencies.

Give your child probative foods such as live-cultivated milk, kombucha, tempeh, kimchi, sauerkraut, fruits and vegetables. Avoid providing a lot of fat whether you are a fat commodity or food of consistency. Foods such as sprouts, asparagus, garlic, fish, eggs, nuts & seeds, oatmeal, lesser acid apple juice, and ginger still feed them with brain.

To guard against bad eyes and heart, wear Nim trees. Take a bath with the nim tree for 2 to 3 hours, especially when they go out. The Nim tree still bags evil mind of witchcraft, so that the Nim tree is washed in the tree and strengthens the children. Your children. Bath with water

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