Reasons You Should Eat Apple Daily


Apple is one of the most valuable fruits and has many health benefits. These include:

1. Treatment of anemia - Apple is very rich in iron, arsenic and phosphorus and beneficial in treatment of anemia.

2. Stomach disorder –When apple is to be used for stomach condition, it is prepared by slicing and gently pounding it until it becomes slightly smashed, and then sprinkling with cinnamon or honey. The preparation should be taken before meals for beneficial results. This helps stimulate sluggish digestive juices, and facilitates assimilation of foods. 

3. Diabetes – A study published in the annals of internal medicine showed that apple pectin helps lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. 

4. Constipation – Apples are very good for constipation. At least two apples should be taken daily for proper evacuation of bowels.

5. Heart disease – Apples are very rich in potassium and phosphorus and low in sodium. They are very useful and provide remedies for functional disorders of the heart. 

6. Promotes vigour and vitality – Apples help to tone up the body, the brain and also invigorates vital organs. Regular consumption with milk helps promote health and youthfulness, and also help build healthy body and bright skin. 

7. High blood pressure – Because they have diuretic effect, apples are very good for lowering blood pressure. They cause increased secretion of urine, lowering blood volume and pressure. Apples also relieve the load on the kidneys by reducing supply of sodium to a minimal level.

8. Dental disorders – Dentists agree that regular consumption of apple will prevent tooth decay, as they possess a mouth cleansing property which no other fruit has. When taken after food, they provide same effect as tooth brushing in cleansing the teeth. 

9. Cancer prevention – Apples are good in cancer prevention, especially colon cancer. It is said that apples alter the stools transit time through the colon. As a result, the carcinogens (cancer stimulating substances) in foods have less contact with the colon, therefore reducing the chance of getting cancer.