Reactions After Winnie Odinga Spotted Riding Motorbike

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It is now obvious that the ongoing politics in the country is now taking a different twist more so for the presidency race since the running mates were unveiled.Today from the latest report,it was revealed that Winnie Odinga was spotted riding a motorbike while she was campaigning for his father Raila Amollo Odinga.

Many Kenyans have really reacted to her move in campaigning for Raila with varied reactions online with many opposing his father's presidency bid ahead of the august elections.

It is now high time the Kenyan people to ensure that they maintain peace and unity throughout the country by avoiding as much as possible the use of inciting words that can lead to violence ahead and after the august elections.

From the looks of things,the possibilities of Azimio forming the next government is now becoming much higher as opposed to their rivals the Kenya Kwanza coalition party ahead of the awaited august elections.

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