Nersa grants Eskom 9.6% tariff increase

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It is alleged that, Nersa grants Eskom 9.6% tariff increase. The increase will come into effect on 1 April. #DStv403

South Africa companies that manufactured products like steel will now go up. If it does not then it will fall on South Africa to rely on China. You have to love how citizens get played by Eskom and their poodle regulator. Not so long ago they got over 16% increase in salary. Now they asked for more than 20% when in reality what they were actually looking for is what the just got.

And They wonder why there's so many people who have bridged their electricity. The more Eskom increases its tariff's, the more they'll have to deal with illegal connections.

Does Eskom fund Nersa? And can't these Nersa people see how difficult it is for some of us is already. With the prices of petrol and electricity, we might as well just go back to the Stone Age.

It is really difficult to be a citizen of a corrupt country the burden is too much.

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