Rihanna and Asap Rock Get Baby Boy

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According to TMZ it is reported that sources close to the couple have revealed that Rihanna gave birth on May 13 in Los Angeles and that they did not choose to disclose the matter early. This has been a shocking statement for fans of the couple due to the silence that lasted before Rihanna gave birth. We last saw the two of them on May 9 on World Mother's Day weekend where they were spotted having dinner together at one of the restaurants in Los Angeles. It wasn't long before the couple made it clear they were in the process of having a baby, where in early January, they posted pictures of the pregnancy that sparked widespread controversy around the world. With a large group of fans expressing satisfaction with the stars reaching the decision to have a baby. Throughout her pregnancy Rihanna seemed to impress many due to the way her lifestyle changed as her appearance was always adorned with various styles of maternity clothing. The last time they were to welcome their first child, rapper A $ AP, who was the baby's father, was arrested last month, in a tragic accident while disembarking from a plane at Lax Airport, on their way from Barbados on a short vacation. Despite going through a number of setbacks, the couple remained united throughout the period until they were blessed to welcome their first child. THESE NEWS RELEASES ARE AVAILABLE

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