Nigerian Twitter Users React To Paystack Co-Founder's Photo


Money can buy you everything, but can it also buy you happiness? This question bothers me a lot and I haven't gotten a perfect answer.

Some hours ago, the Co-Founder of Paystack, Ezra Olubi shared a photo on his Twitter handle which made a lot of Nigerians react to his new looks.

Ezra Olubi is a 34-year-old IT entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Paystack, a leading online payment platform in Nigeria alongside Shola Akinlade.

After its acquisition by a prominent International payment system (World Stripe), the award-winning software developer, Ezra Olubi amassed a net worth of $100,000,000.

He also worked as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Jobberman and Delivery Science.

Ezra has accomplished quite a fortune for himself and gained a huge reputation, but what happened to his new look?

This is the question Nigerians are asking and want to know why.

Ezra is very rich but he doesn't look happy. According to his new photo on Twitter, he looks depressed.

Check out the recent photo posted by Ezra Olubi on Twitter;

What do you see in this photo, a happy, sad, depressed or an angry person?

For me, I think he doesn't look as happy as expected.

Also from the photo, he is a cat lover and obviously a photographer because of the creative shot he took by himself. But what could possibly make him look that way.

His body is quite skinny for a person this rich. I honestly don't know what he is going through but it doesn't seem healthy.

Check out what some Nigerians are saying about his photo;

What do you think? Upon all the money he has, Is he depressed?