"Raila Will Soon Realize Ruto has Never Been the Enemy"-Kisiangani Sparks Reactions With Latest Post


Kenyan Political Analyst Professor Edward Kisiangani has sparked reactions online after giving a bold statement on the Relationship between Former prime minister and Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President Dr.William Ruto online.Penning his thoughts in a post on his Twitter page on Friday night, Kisiangani said that Looking at the Kenyan political terrain today, he persuaded Odinga will soon realize DP Ruto has never been the enemy, and that Regrettably, he will come to terms with this reality when it is already too late, adding that Raila may only discover that after the BBI Referendum.

Below are Reactions from Netizens on his post.

"The OPPOSITE is TRUE,DP has never realized that Raila odinga is Not his enemy ahead of 2022 succession.He has been using Raila Odinga as a punching bag even after being undermined by jubilee top ranks and file,he keeps on attacking Raila when his real enemy is within Jubilee.FACT." a comment read.

"Continuation of propaganda that Duale started on TV the other day,on Tangatanga working with Raila. If Raila would ever work with Ruto,it won't be because of these spins...Raila knows betrayal more than anyone around,and he will smell it a kilometer away." A comment read.

"My friend it has been the opposite all along RUTO like all kalenjin warriors keep grudges forever. By the way munakula pesa ya RUTO sana." A comment read.

"Who told you Raila has taken Ruto to be his enemy,have you ever seen Raila having enemies?." A comment read.

"Prof you are a PROFESSOR, a serious politician. Can you try an elective position? You might win by landslide, you know a lot, probably until results are announced." A comment read.

"The big issue is the family's of our forefathers imagine here in Kenya you must be the son or daughter of the late so and so or you are from family of so and so. Look at our Cs will not name them." A comment read.

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