Morning Prayer: Use This Prayer point to Stop the Angel of Death before Christmas

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This is not only a time for positive declaration of faith. It is also a time to come to our knees and cry out to God for mercy and intervention.

It’s a time to say…

O Lord, have mercy. We repent of every sin that kept us away from You as a Church and as a nation. Please forgive us and heal our land.

Arise O LORD and stop the angel of death that is ravaging the land, in Jesus name.

Fasting Guide

Beginning today, December 20, 2020, we will be fasting for seven days to seek God against the angel of death.

There are different kinds of fasting. However, that is not the focus of this post. Whatever type of fasting you chose to do is excellent. What is important is that you realize the need to humble yourself before the Lord and pray this period.

Recommended Prayer Times

As I state in our fasting and prayer books, I recommend that you select any of the time sessions below:

12:00am – 1:00am (Midnight Session)

3:00 Am – 4:00 Am (Early Morning Session)

6:00am – 7:00am (Morning Session)

12:00 – 1:00pm (Midday Session)

3:00pm – 4:00pm (Afternoon Session)

9:00pm – 10:00pm (Night Session)

You may choose any of the sessions and pray for your chosen number of days. There are no mandates, which means you could chose the afternoon session today and pray and chose the midnight session tomorrow and pray. Do whatever is convenient for you.


Focus: Personal Repentance and Humbleness before God

Memory Verse: Psalm 139:23, Lamentations 3:40

Scripture to Read: Psalm 51

Prayer Focus: Ask God for mercy. Pray that God’s Spirit will search your heart and bring to your notice any besetting sin that is standing between you and God’s power (Hebrews 12:1).


Focus: Repentance on behalf of the Church.

Memory Verse: Micah 7:8, Deut. 4:31

Scripture to Read: Hebrews 4

Prayer Focus: Ask God to have mercy on His Church and forgive us in every way we have fallen away from Him. Mention specifically any area that comes to your mind and plead for God to remember the death of Christ and forgive the Church


Memory Verse: 2 Chronicles 7:14

Scripture to Read: 2 Samuel 24

Prayer Focus: Ask God to have mercy on our land and forgive our leaders who have all fallen away from Him. Ask Him to overthrow evil, stubborn leaders who do not want to give a space for Him in governance. Pray for His mercy and healing over our land.


Memory Verse: Colossians 1:20, Ephesians 1:7

Scriptures to Read: Exodus 12:1-39, Hebrews 9, 10, 12,13

Prayer Focus: Plead the blood of Jesus Christ over the land, over the communities, and over families and households. Decree the end of the plague of death. Decree the end of the virus. Command the angel of death to cease operation.


Memory Verse: Acts 1:8, John 14:16

Scriptures to Read: Joel 2, Acts 2, John 14, 16

Prayer Focus: Ask God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on His Church. Pray for the Holy Spirit fire baptisms across the world, and the emergence of a new army of God spreading the Word in power and truth


Memory Verse: Luke 10:19

Scriptures to Read: Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16, 14-18, James 4:7, etc

Prayer Focus: Stand in prayer and speak to the devil. Remind Him that we have the authority to decide what happens on this earth. Command his works in your family, in the Church, and in the land to cease immediately.


Memory Verse: Psalm 103:1

Scriptures to Read: 2 Chronicles 20, Acts 16

Prayer Focus: Spend time and declare the praise and glory of God. Dance before God and claim His victory over your life, family and over the virus, in Jesus name.


Pray the following prayers today to start this month on course with God.

1. In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare that in this month of April,

I will arise and shine, for my light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon me.

Even where darkness prevails, the LORD Jesus Christ shall arise upon me, and His Glory shall be seen in my life and family.

People will see the Goodness of God in my life and family and praise God with me this month and this year.

The Gentiles and the nations shall come to my light, and kings to the brightness of my rising, in Jesus name

2. Heavenly Father, may Your tender love be poured in my heart so that I can pour this love out to others. May the Holy Spirit blow through my every word, action, and thought from this day forward, and transform me on the inside so that each day I become more and more like our risen Lord and Savior, in Jesus name.

3. I pray today, LORD, let Thy angels roll away every evil stone the enemy has rolled against me, against my family, against my relationship, and against my ministry, preventing me from experiencing Your power, in Jesus name.

4. This month, O LORD, quicken, restore, and revive every aspect of my life that the enemy has hurt or damaged in the past, in Jesus name.

5. Father, LORD, I present my family members, my neighbours and my country before Thee. Cause Thy Light to shine in their hearts and bring them unto salvation. I pray that Your Spirit will arrest our political leaders and cause them to lead according to Your will and purpose, in Jesus name.

6. I speak to the demon behind coronavirus. I command it to cease operation and go back into the abyss, in Jesus name.

7. Today, I stand in the victory of Christ’s death and resurrection and rebuke satan over my life, family, and neighbourhood. I decree that every work of satan in my life, family is destroyed henceforth, in Jesus name.

8. I proclaim that Jesus Christ is the LORD and Savior of my life. He is the Lord and Savior of my family. He is the Lord and Savior of this nation, in Jesus name.

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