Lesedi Ferguson shows how grateful she is to her partner.

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Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson is the daughter of the great actress whose name Connie Ferguson,and also the great producer whose name is Neo Matsunyane and she has the most beautiful relationship with all her parents and their spouses.

Lesedi is an actress by profession and she is also a cast coordinator at the Ferguson Films and she has been with them for more than 4 years now and she has been doing very well at her job.

She has an adorable son whose name is Ronewa and she also has a young sister from her mom's side of the family and they have the most beautiful relationship and there is no doubt about that.

Lesedi is a very talented young lady and she is also very active on all her social media pages and she also loves posting her beautiful pictures. She posted a picture of herself and her friend and she was appreciating him.

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