'Failed' Law students drags the Ghana Legal Council to Court

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Hundreds of Ghanaian tertiary students who have not been given a chance to enter into the Ghana Law School have taken the Ghana Legal Council to the court.

This summons are coming from a total of 143 students who claim to have been fairly traated in terms of admission into the school though they have what it takes and under normal circumstances, they deserve to have been given a chance to study with their peers.

This summons according to them is because there have been a violation in their basic human rights and as a result, it has become necessary for them to send the Council to the law court to get it corrected.

They are of the view that though majority of them met the pass mark of 50 percent, yet, they were denied admission and wants this corrected and admitted to study the program and come out as professional lawyers in the country.

Though the school has stated it is not going back on its decision of taking those protesting students outside the four walls of the school, and not registered in their books, though the summons sent to the Human Rights Court indicated that they passed.

Tbey are of firm belief and are praying the court grants them a fair hearing and allow them to get admission into the school. 

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