Let's all come together and pray for Khayelihle Shozi.

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It is alleged that the soccer player Khayelihle Shozi is us alledly a disgraced fallen soccer player.

It is alleged that his contract was not renewed or got cancelled. He went missing, was seen on a freeway wearing his soccerboots and that he was getting R50 000 a month then he chose alcohol and slay queens.

God gave him a chance and he never used it wisely,why waste our prayers when we also going trough shit. I won't pray for someone who had the opportunity to become a better person in life and wasted it because of drugs and impressing ladies, some people are in the streets because they never got the chance that he wasted .

I pray Andile Mpisane and maMkhize find this man and offer him a chance at AM Royal and maybe he can be better and live a better life.

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