Machakos Senator Elect Agnes Kavindu Urges All Kenyans To Equally Respect Kalonzo Musyoka


It has been long since history was made during the recent election that took place at machakos. Johnston Muthama was replaced by Agnes Kavindu who is now the senator for machakos County.

This lady filled with courage and strength to lead the people of machakos urged the people of Kenya to show respect to Kalonzo Musyoka not just as a kamba leader but as a national leader.

This is the way to go because a number of people seemed to agree with her. That is why she was able to scope that senator seat comfortably.

According to her, Kalonzo Musyoka has got all it takes to lead the nation and bring all people together. Wiper which is led by Kalonzo Musyoka is a stronghold in this county and therefore, if people came together, nothing would bring Kalonzo down.

This teaches us that all leaders should be respected if they do everything in their power to help the local people. Leaders are the ones who bring people together and teach them about unity.

Kindly share what you feel about leadership and respect for people in power. Thanks for your time.