See Maphorisa's recent pictures that had a fan asking him for a doek.

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DJ Maphorisa is a talented and versatile DJ. He is able to spot talent and make it a success. Maphorisa throughout his career has helped many musicians that are now big acts. He has given them a chance that many people failed to. The likes of Something Soweto and Mlindo the vocalist have passed through his hands.

He is one of the few rich people in the country. People have once complained about his extravagant clothes. He doesn't compromise when it comes to his clothes. He goes all out. One fashion trend he seems to love is wearing an expensive doek.

Maphorisa is also known as Madumane, a rapper that raps in Tshitsonga. It may he wants to add another name to his names. He posted pictures of himself and captioned it Ghost. In his pictures he is wearing a doek. A fan asks for the doek from him, seeing that it is beautiful.

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