Kwesta exposed for cheating on his wife after he proposed to her last night.

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Senzo Vilakazi is a popular SA hip hop artist known by his stage name Kwesta. He is a hit maker of Ngud and a lady's man for his bold voice. Kwesta is married to Yolanda Vilakazi, whom they share two children together. Kwesta did a great gesture last night, where he proposed to his wife.

It was all rosy until Musa Khawula exposed Kwesta for allegedly cheating on his wife. According to Musa, whenever Kwesta has gigs in Mbombela, he goes to see his side chick who's name is Nthabiseng. Videos of the two and pictures where exposed on Twitter.

Yolande and Kwesta have not have said anything but people on Twitter think that the proposal was an apology for cheating. That maybe Kwesta knew what he was doing behind close doors and he did this to apologize to his wife and know if she would still stay in the marriage.

The cheating videos seems to be taken by Nthabiseng and seems like she might be the one who gave Musa Khawula to expose Kwesta. Do you think she did this because she found out about the proposal and felt jealous?

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