Bukom Banku Calls Ayitey Powers A Disgrace To Ghana Boxers- Check Out How Ayitey Powers Reacts


The Ghanaian Ga boxers Bukom Banku and his colleague Ayitey Powers allegedly start a beef as they're seen in a video trending on social media. In the video, Bukom seemed to have started the whole thing.

He created a video in which he said his colleague was disgracing the industry by drinking too much. According to Bukom, Ayitey was acting more stupid than a drunkard.

In response to his video, Ayitey Powers had a video in his parlour where he flaunted pictures of his wife and called the former a useless boxer as he had no house, not to even talk of a car.

He indicated that, if he thinks he is man enough, he should record another video showing what he has acquired from his several years of boxing. This sounds so interesting. Let's see who finally wins the argument.

Please click on the link below to watch the video


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