A/R: An arm robber killed a taxi driver after he tied him on the end of the car and drag him on road


Reports by Angel fm news this afternoon indicate that, a taxi driver has been killed by an robber for his car at Ohwim Amanfrom in the Ashanti region.

The robber asked the taxi driver to give all the money he have on him to him and after awhile realising that the taxi driver have no money on him,he decided to take the vehicle from the taxi driver since he have no money on him.

The taxi driver refused to give the keys to the robber so it created a fight between them.

And after awhile of struggling, the arm robber was stronger the than the taxi driver because he is an aged man then tied the taxi driver at the end of the vehicle and dragged him on the road till he died

Reports indicate that ,he was arrested in the middle of the road by one courageous police man after stopping him from driving.

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