Date Rush: His Spectacle Reminds Me Of Eclipse Of The Sun - Ghanaians React To Ali's Brave Looks


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Date Rush moments are amazingly beautiful breath taking with it's heightened drama and happenings that clouds the live love seeking program.  

Yesterday saw another drama in all dispositions as two separate ladies having different bodily stature took the stage and got total dominance over the men as one got for herself Fareed as her date. 

With all the drama another attention was drawn to Ali a gentle man who has been described in divers ways. 

Ali got many talking with his looks as many labeled him as Fatima's and replica who seem to be garnering comments for his looks.

His spectacle, has not only generated reactions but has also given him a tag as a possible suitor for Fatima.

His spectacle was described as one that have the same resemblance of the one used to witness the 2006 Eclipse Of The Sun. 

Take a careful look at the picture and ascribe it to the comments been made by talking Ghanaians. 

Many also believe he's not supposed to be on the show, because he's not amen enough to be drafted onto the sect. 

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