Will The New Super League Hold As Chelsea Exits - Reports

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After a famous joint release by some top 12 european clubs, the tension that has risen within UEFA and some federations (the English Federation Association, the Spanish Football Federation, the Italian Football Federation and the Serie A) has been enormous. Threats have been swung in from the camp of UEFA to sabotage the move as the chairman of the super league (Florentina Perez) has stood to his grounds commenting on the great future and the possibilities with the super league. It was revealed that even Ed Woodward and Joel Glazer (all of Man Utd) have stepped down from their positions held at UEFA and join the new super league prime board.

 News reaching out today is that, Chelsea who is among the 12 clubs to form the super league, has opted out of the super league initiation as rumour suggests Man City will follow suit. Meanwhile, before the planning of the super league, Bayern Munich,

Let me know in the comment sections which teams in the super are likely to pull the plug.

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