Abba Kyari Was Loyal To Me For 42 Years Says Buhari

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Mallam Abba Kyari, who died on the 17th April, 2020, at the age of 67 from complications caused by the Coronavirus, was a true Nigerian Patroit. My loyal friend and Compatriot for the last 42 years-- and lettering My Chief of staff. He never wavered in his commitment to the betterment of everyone of us.

He was in his twenties when we first met. A deligent student, soon after he was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad-- first at Warwick and then law at the University of Cambridge. But there was never any question Abba would bring his first- rate skills and newly acquired world-- class knowledge back to Nigeria-- which he did-- immediately upon graduation.

Whilst possessing the sharpest legal and organisational mind, Abba's true focus was always the development of infastructure and the assurance of security for the people of this nation he served so faithfully. For he knew that without both in tandem there can never be the development of the respectful society and vibrant economy that all Nigerian citizens deserve.

In political life, Abba never sought elective office for himself. Rather, he set him self against the view and conduct of two generations of Nigeria's political establishment -- who saw corruption as an entitlement and its practice is a byproduct of possessing political office. Becoming my chief of staff in 2015, he strove quietly and without any interest in Publicity or personal gain to implement my agenda.

There are those who said of him that he must be secretive -- because he did not have a high public profile. But Abba was the opposite: he simply had no need, nor did he seek the cheap gratification of the crowd; for him, there is nothing to be found in popular adulation. He secured instead satisfaction and his reward solely and only from the improvement of the governance of this great country.

Working without fail, seven days each and every week, he acted forcefully as a crucial gate keeper to the presidency. Ensuring no one -- weather minister of governor has access beyond another. And that all those representing and serving our country were treated equally. He made clear in his person and his practice, always, that every Nigerian regardless of faith, family and fortune, frailty. Was heard and treated respectfully and the same.

Mallam Abba Kyari was the very best of us. He was made of the stuff that makes Nigeria great. Rest in peace, my dearest friend. To his loving wife and doting family who will survive him. I extend my heartfelt sorrow at your loss.


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