Churchil's Hilarious Reply To Maina Kageni's Post Causes An Online Stirr

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One of the renowned radio presentors in Kenya, Maina Kageni, who works with classic 105 has caused an online uproar after he posted his photo sandwiched by two individuals who were wearing Maasai traditional clothing.

From his post, Maina Kageni was in a tour to the Amboseli National park, where he seemed to appreciate the role of the individuals who work in the national park.

"What's the Amboseli without them???!!! My cool Maasai friends, Jetz and Jeremiah #TTK #TembeaKenya #TembeaTujengeKenya #Amboseli, Ol Tukai Lodge Amboseli. Tembea, Tujenge Kenya," Maina Kageni posted on Facebook.

However, after Maina Kageni posted his photo, his morning radio show co-host Gideon Ndambuki, who is also known as Mwalimu Kingangi replied in a hilarious way, which attracted a lot of reactions from their fans.

"Waambie wakutengenezee munono. You will love it. Drink ikiwa moto," Churchill replied to Maina Kageni's post.

The two host a radio show dubbed "The morning with Maina and Kingangi" and is always aired on weekdays.

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