Early Easter For Residents As A Truck Carrying Beer Overturns


The residents of Buuri, Meru county seems to have been given an early easter treat as a truck carrying beer overturned at Subuiga junction. The incident happened on Thursday March 18 during morning hours.The driver sustained minor injuries and was rushed to the nearby hospital. As it is the norm in our society, instead of passersby helping out the survivors in such incidents, they will be seen ransacking and trying to benefit themselves.

For instance in this scene, the people of subuiga most especially the youths were captured in a photo taking countless bottles of beer and others running away with crates full of beer

The same incident happened way back in 2019 at Subuiga but it was a petroleum tanker that was involved in the accident. People were seen siphoning petrol with the help of police officers.

What do you think should be done to avoid such cases in such scenes of accidents?

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