I have No Option; Malalah Reveals What He Will Do If Musalia Declares His Support To DP Ruto.

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Today, Amani National Congress(ANC)party leader is expected to make a big announcement about his way forward ahead of the coming 9th August general elections. More than six thousand delegates across the nation have been given the invitation to attend the event which has been termed as 'Earthquake'

Following close relationship that was seen previously between the leader of ANC allies and the deputy president, seemingly William Ruto might be part of the people who will attend the event but Ruto is likely to miss because he is in Kajiado to drum for bottom up model. Not only Wycliffe Mudavadi had a discussing with Ruto at one time, but also ANC party member Cleophas Malala has been seen in the company of the deputy president.

Malala has revealed that, if the party leader chooses to follow the deputy president, then him and other allies will not have an option but to follow him. This is because, the NDC will have decided and him as an ANC member will follow without asking any question. He has also revealed that, all the persons at Bomas are their friends they will move together to form the government.


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