Kenyans Have Mixed Reactions as the First 10 People Receive Covid-19 Vaccine at KNH


The much awaited Covid-19 Vaccine arrived in Kenya mid this week and was received with mixed reactions by Kenyans.

However, the majority of people were quite receptive of the vaccine and were hoping it will help the fight against the pandemic.

Coronavirus outbreak was reported as the year 2019 was coming to an end. Early 2020, the virus had spread in so many nations in the world leading to thousands of fatalities.

This saw many countries closing down most of their economic, social and academic activities with total lockdown being reported in some nations.

As the year 2020 progressed, scientists and doctors across the world worked tirelessly and their result was seen in production of Covid-19 Vaccine which has been used in some countries so far.

In Kenya, the vaccine arrived hours before midnight of 2nd March 2021 and was received by the cabinet secretly for health, officials from WHO and ministry of health in the country.

Photo: Kenyans Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine

Taking to Instagram, Citizen TV Reported On Friday, 5th of March, that the Vaccine was administered to the first Kenyan citizens at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

Kenyans reacted to the Vaccine and to Citizen TVs post with mixed reactions.

Below are some screenshots of the responses.


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