Silent Mission: Residents of Ol Moran Happy After Spotting a Police Truck Full of Bandits

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The reality of the peace keeping mission in ol Moran part of Laikipia county is being witnessed. Police have for three weeks now remeined silent over their mission in the region. In what is considered a silent Mission there is no more shedding blood through the firearms. Police are now using super psychological skills to trap bandits. After trapping them in their hideouts they are forcing them to surrender and later arresting them. This is considered by the residents as the most effective and silent Mission.

Today, a police truck full of people considered to be bandits was spotted at Tumaini. The lorry was escorted closely by another police van with heavily armed policemen and women. This is good news to the people living in the region, after rumours that the bandits were planning a serious attack.

The trench which was dug to protect cattle raiding is now being used to slow down the bandits escape. It is now easy for them to be cornered and arrested as they flee on foot towards the deeper thickets.

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