Tahidi High Omosh's New House Development Elicits Reactions


Previous Tahidi High entertainer Joseph Kinuthia, prominently known as Omosh, on Thursday, March 19, shared a video of his new house that is as yet under development. Omosh was pleased with his advancement since the time he separated at a meeting and requested guide from well-wishers. 

Development laborers could be seen busy working structure the three bed-room stone house ensuite with an American open arrangement kitchen. "This is my parlor. I will be staying here watching animation programs on my TV, playing with my controller. What a delightful and magnificent life," a lightened Omosh delighted. 

The land, a 40x80 plot and 50 packs of concrete were given by Zero Hero properties. The development was subsidized by Linnet Kathambi, the CEO of a firm known as Sung Timber. 

Omosh's supporters responded to his video, a large portion of them wishing him well and supplicating he makes the most of his life.

The entertainer additionally reported that he had landed another acting deal with a nearby producer. The entertainer will be one of the cast in a TV arrangement named Sire. "This will be the best television arrangement. Coming your direction soon. A movie by Andrew Ogonji, the best director in Africa," Omosh said.

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