Shehu Sani Reveals Why He Is Not Interested In Watching Tiwa Savage's Leaked Tape

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Tiwa Savage's leaked tape since its release has become an object of discussion for most blogs, public figures, and critics who resorted to condemning and criticizing her for allowing herself to be recorded.

In this regard to the trending topic, Shehu Sani, a Nigerian politician, and human rights activist has revealed why he is not interested in watching the said video which has been making rounds all over social media, and warned that nobody should send it to him.

According to Shehu Sani, watching the said video will lead him to faint. He said that the last time someone accidentally sent him a similar clip, he was on admission for one day.

Although Shehu Sani passed his message across in a humorous way, I believe that his message aims to shun people from further violating Tiwa Savage's privacy through sharing of the video both offline and online.

The damage has been done by the blackmailer, the least we can do as people with a conscience is to stop it from further spreading and violating her privacy as a woman. Let's be kind.

Credit: Facebook/Shehu Sani

Instagram/Tiwa Savage

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