We all have ancestors

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we all have ancestors

The topic today it's about people who make themselves traditional doctors .while they don't know nothing about traditional things.

some of us we go to people hoping that they will help us .because we need help but only to find out they don't know nothing about traditional things .

and thats so painful because we go the to ask for help then they play with us so if you have a calling.and you dont know what to do and ask your ancestors to show you the way .

But not all us our ancestors showing us they way some off us we have go of our self's.

If you have a calling and you don't know what to do pray and tell your ancestors to show you light what to do .They will show you something even if its not the person but they will show you something.

Most of the traditional doctors they place with other people's money and soul 

your ancestors will you give you some way and light with your life 🤞🏽👏🏽

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