'My Boyfriend And I Did A Quick One At The Shop, And This Is What Happened'


My boyfriend and I are cool. We really love each other very well and we are ways together. Wherever you see him, you see me as well. We have been going to the club together, beach and sometimes church.

We hope to marry as soon as possible. We have fallen into a deep trouble and we really need help. He has been a game boy for years now and I have been advising him to stop this buy he won't mind me. He always say that, that is his work.

He has been duping people for money. He told one woman he is love with her and thus, the woman has been sending him money to open a shop here for them. My boyfriend only took the money and we squandered it together.

Now the woman want to see the shop he opened, so we had to get to a shop and behave like he owns it and I'm the attendant. We got to one supermarket. My Boyfriend and I then did a quick video call since there were full people at the shop.

I behaved as an attendant and he is the boss. Just some few months after this, the woman came down to have a physical touch with the shop. She went there and she was thrown out. Now the owner of the shop and the woman are both after us.

I love my boyfriend too and I don't want to leave him for any woman. He says we should try another woman and make more money. I'm confused and don't know what to do. Any help please?

Teetom newshub-gh@operanewshub.com