UDA Gubernatorial Candidate Beaten Hands Down by Jubilee Candidate in This County as Per Mizani Poll

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Mizani Africa has released results for all political seats in Taita Taveta county with only 39 days remaining before general election which is scheduled to be held on August 9th.

In this county, stiff competition for gubernatorial seat is being witnessed between incumbent Governer Hon Granton Samboja who is a member of Jubilee party and Hon John Mrutu of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

Hon John Mrutu has been trashed by Granton Samboja as the results indicates that the later enjoys massive support in the county and he's likely to maintain his seat in the oncoming election.

Samboja enjoys a support of 49.2% and he's followed in distance by Hon John Mrutu with a support of 22.1%. Others who are seeking this seat includes Andrew Mwadima with15.6%, Dan Mwazo 4.2%, Patience Nyange 3.6%, Hon George Mwandemo who enjoys a support of 2.2%, Hon Agnes Mwang'ombe who enjoys a support of 1.5% and Faustin Mghendi who has a support of 1.1%.

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