Is Yaa Jackson Pregnant? Watch How She Looks In A Video With Rasta Boyfriend- Video Causing Stir

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The young Ghanaian actress and musician, Yaa Jackson whose pictures and videos keep popping up social media where people began comparing her with her senior colleague Maame Serwaa in the movie industry.

She recently posted a picture of herself where people were saying she had a curvier body than Maame Serwaa. The young lady is seen in a new video trending online where she was seen dancing with a Rasta guy who is expected to be her boyfriend behind her. The two were seen dancing together while making a video of themselves.

In the video, the guy was seen rubbing his hands on Yaa Jackson's belly where her belly looked protruded like that of a pregnant woman. Is she really pregnant or that's the nature of her stomach?

Please click on the link below to watch the

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