Where Is The Common Sense? Johnny Hughes Questions Deputy Ministers


Plainspeaking media personality, Johnny Hughes has questioned about the whereabout of common sense in attacking press men for speaking up. He questionsed rhetorically this morning, Monday 3rd May, 2021, on TV3's Newday.

He said most young Ghanaians including Deputy Ministers attacked him (Johnny Hughes) for speaking up. He said, " I have been attacked by young people and some Deputy Ministers. I criticised some Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies for allowing furniture meant for school children to be beaten by rain, all in the name of waiting for official handover. They insulted me and tagged me as belonging to another political party".

He further stated that the young people who attack the media for speaking up are lined to some old people. "those who insult me are the young ones who lined to some retired people. Where is the Common sense? This is not what Dr Kwame Nkrumah stood up for. Kwame Nkrumah spoke when he was young, not at 65 years. The retired people would not be around every day. They would die and the damage they did would be confronting you".

Johnny Hughes said the journalists who are countering Sam Jonah's culture of silence claim are confirming that, indeed some media personnel have turned blind eye to some some of the challenges facing us as a country.

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