Ghana School Feeding Program requests for more funds


The head of Public Relations for the Ghana School Feeding Program (GSFP), Siiba Alfa, has called on the government to increase the school feeding grant.

This, he said, will motivate the caterers to do their work diligently. It would also help to prepare healthy and well-balanced meals for the school children.

"The actual money going to the caterers is 97 pesewas so last week, the caterers held a conference to increase the grants to some level.

We assured them that even before the inceease, we have sent some proposals to various institutes includung the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase the funds.They in turn assured us that our proposal is being considered."

Mr. Alfa stated that, they are aware the economy isn't at it's best at the moment, however, the kids need to eat a healthy balanced diet.

He said there are sixty-seven (67) school going days as schools have reopened for their third terms and so they need enough funds to cater healthy food for the kids.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) further pleaded with the caterers to relax because their cries have been heard and proposals already sent to the appropriate institutions awaiting response.

He also asked that they follow all COVID-19 safety protocols.

"Even before their cries for increments, a proposal has been sent addressing the same issue.

Schools have resumed for the third term of the 2021 academic year so we urge them to go and feed the children while we work with the government to handle the issue," Mr. Siiba Alfa concluded.