Profitable Business Ideas that Can Earn you Ksh 10,000 Profit Monthly

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To become successful in business you need to do well market research.The following are some of the best business ideas that you can start and make good profit.

1.Selling bags.

Selling bags is one of the most profitable business that you can start in Kenya 2022,most students uses bags to carry they books.To start profitable bag selling you need at least Kes 20,000 as a capital and you need to rent space where you will sell your bags.You need to locate your business near Universities or big towns.This business can earn you upto Kes 10,000 profit monthly.

2.posho mill business.

Posho mill business is one of the top business idea that you can start.with at least Kes 150,000 you can start profitable posho mill business.You need to locate yourself in rural areas where people are maize farmers or you can start this business in town where there are a lot of hotels.This business can make upto Kes 10,000 monthly.

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