Pastor Enenche asks critical question as he speaks on those impersonating men of God on social media

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Pastor Paul Enenche has asked a question to those impersonating men of God on the social media. He wondered why someone would use names of Pastors and popular persons in the society to scam the unsuspecting public.

Pastor Paul Enenche, founder and Senior Pastor at Dunamis International Gospel Centre asked the question during the 'Power Communion Midweek Service' at the Church headquarters, Glory Dome, Abuja.

According to Church Gist, the Cleric, speaking on the message titled; 'Preservation by the fear of the Lord', admonished his congregation to have the fear of God in everything they do so that they will obtain mercy and favour. He said, where there is fear of God, the mercy of God abides there because, God honours those that fear Him.

Speaking during the Service, Pastor Paul Enenche asked a critical question when he said; "If you want to steal, why don't you steal in your own name?"

He further said that those impersonators are liars, thieves whose iniquity are many.

Pastor Enenche worried why some people will impersonate him, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and other popular persons to scam innocent citizens.

Preaching to his congratulations, Pastor Enenche said; "He was stealing and using the name of another like some demons on the Facebook. 'There's a child in one orphanage, there is somebody there. I will send you an account number, pay money into that account. Somebody is about to die. When you have paid it, then you let me know. 

"Then I will give you the next prophetic word'. And he calls himself, Bishop David Oyedepo (of Living Faith Church) talking or Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye (of Redeemed Christian Church of God) talking or this 'small Pastor', Pastor Paul Enenche talking like that. They will never escape from it."

He warned those involve to desist from the evil act so as to escape the wrath of God.

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