The Latest TitTok Feature Which Everyone is Talking About


During this COVID-19 period the TiKTok app spread like wild fire. Every tech enthusiast was talking of how with this app they could make videos like the professionals.

Are you on Tiktok was one of those questions many of us have had to answer.

It is with this wide following that Tiktok has been introducing new features to make the app experience better and the latest additional feature is the greatest bomb they have ever dropped.

As a way to promote inclusion TikTok has announced an additional feature which will help those with hearing aid and also those who have been having a hard time to fully understand some of their friends' posts.

The app will be debuting auto captions feature (a feature that, when enabled, will automatically transcribe(put subtitles) the speech or sound from a video. This will help for easy understanding and that even those with a hearing disorder will be able to enjoy scrolling through the many interesting posts that are posted

Additionally this feature will also help in undestanding the complex lyrics of some of those unique songs which may be posted. 

If you have TikTok then be on the lookout for this new feature.

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