Top 10 Netflix Movies And Shows

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Shows and movies that people watched the most on Netflix as at may 10.

Here is a list of Netflix's top 10 shows and movies, so you can decide what to watch and what to skip.


People who like blue, laundering money, and "Is it any good?" Those who like shows like this will love it.

Ozark' Season 4 News, Details, Cast, Air Date - Details About Netflix's  Ozark Season 4

Jason Bateman plays a man with a normal appearance who moves his family to the Ozarks after getting involved in a money laundering scam and a drug cartel. It's Netflix's version of Breaking Bad, and it's the second half of the last season. In the end, the Byrdes' wings are cut off.


The Fyre Festival, mysteries on islands, and science fiction Over and over again, the same show is being made.

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Everything You  need to know - The Bulletin Time

Young people with a lot of influence from all over the world gather on a tropical island for a rave, where they drink a mysterious drink. The next morning, when they wake up, they are in a stronghold, being watched by a drone, and are being recruited into a cult by a mysterious figure.


If you like: movies that aren't as good as the first one Tommy Lee Jones's

U.S. Marshals - Movie Reviews and Movie Ratings - TV Guide

Wesley Snipes plays the new fugitive being chased by Tommy Lee Jones in this prequel to The Fugitive that doesn't have Harrison Ford. It's not as good as The Fugitive, but is it really that much better? Tommy Lee Jones's cranky police officer character is still in the movie.


For people who like to watch two middle-aged women become fast friends and do funny things.

Grace and Frankie' Renewed for 7th and Final Season by Netflix

It is Netflix's longest-running original. It started in 2015 and will end with 94 episodes, which is more than any other scripted Netflix show. It follows the lives of two women, played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, whose husbands come out as gay and start dating each other. Grace (Fonda) is a no-nonsense cosmetics tycoon, and Frankie (Tomlin) is a hippie artist, which makes their friendship even stronger than it was in the sitcom.


Those who like it can read about nuclear disasters. It is a very interesting subject.

Meltdown: Three Mile Island: Chilling Netflix doco reminds us when life  imitated the movies |

Even the worst nuclear accident in U.S. history could be made into a Netflix series. The Netflix movie Three Mile Island is about the partial meltdown of a reactor at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania in 1979.


Who needs to see it? Fans of Gerard Butler and other action stars who play tough guys It's a nice thing to do.

Is Den of Thieves (2018) on Netflix Thailand?

In this thriller, Gerard Butler plays a cop who is trying to catch a group of ex-Marines who are planning to rob the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles. Is this a new Netflix movie? It was on Netflix for a year before it came back on May 1. The "New on Netflix" section of the site says this.


For people who like high-end real estate and office gossip. There is a high chance of becoming addicted.

Selling Sunset' Season 5 Sets Premiere Date — Get Your First Look (PHOTOS)

Conflicted: The Real World in Los Angeles is back for a fifth season. The show follows the personal and professional lives of a group of dysfunctional high-end real estate agents in Los Angeles. This season, star Chrishell Strause has been going out with company owner Jason Oppenheim. Scandal!!! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is still Netflix's answer, even after all these years.


Taking it to the Streets is a French version of an old-fashioned buddy cop comedy. Is it good enough? It is, yes.

The Takedown' Movie Trailer Drops - Netflix Tudum

In this follow-up to 2012's On the Other Side of the Tracks, Lupin star Omar Sy is one half of an odd-couple police team with Laurent Lafitte. They investigate a cocaine sale that leads them to a criminal plot.


Assisting the Driver is a good book for teens who like romance and Dermot Mulroney. I don't think so at all. In the summer before she goes to college, a teen who is obsessed with her homework and can't sleep meets a carefree, mysterious boy on her way home from her father's house at night. There is a lot more to life than school, and she tries to get him to see that.


For people who like: Cheap animated movies

Marmaduke review – Pete Davidson-voiced Netflix animation is a real dog |  Animation in film | The Guardian

In this animated version of the long-running comic strip Marmaduke, the voice of the silly Great Dane is done by none other than Pete Davidson. It's a bad movie, but kids might like it.

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