Akuampem Poloo: Our Justice System Favours Only The Rich


It is becoming an undeniable fact the justice system in most African countries especially Ghana does not for the poor but favours only the rich. The poor are used as scapegoats while the rich continue to perpetrate other heinous crimes.

When Carlos Ahenkorah snatched ballot papers from Parliament. A clear case of obstruction of democracy, Parliament is yet to bring out any form of punishment against him.

Gun wielding men entered Parliament that day which was against the protocols of the country but nothing was done. Politicians caught on video collecting bribe are being cleared and nothing done against them.

But when a hungry man steals a cat, he might even be dead before he reaches the court because he would have been lynched. For a first time offender like a Akuapem Poloo, the best punishment would have been a fine or a week or two in prison.

But that is Ghana, while the poor pay taxes the rich take sitting allowance. We as people must rise up and demand justice. Children are raped, physically abuse and trafficked but no child lawyer for them. But see where they went attacking an oblivious woman.

Let's pray for Ghana. Are you safe as a poor Ghanaian? Follow me for more exciting updates and attractive stories.

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