3 Ways To Identify A Cheating Girlfriend

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Date: 2022/05/05

1. Excuses.

2. Financial Stability.

3. Attention.

People have been trying to figure out how to catch a cheating girlfriend, because on television it has been shown to be man who only got caught cheating more especially on Jerry Springer and Ujola 9/9.

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From the shows, articles we have watched and read we compiled reasons of men who finally spoke out about that cheating girlfriends and wives.

First you start making excuses over every single thing and it will be hard for her partner to be able to reach her, she will make excuses like someone in her family just died, so she has to be at a funeral somewhere out of the province, so her man since it is a funeral he will try to be 100% understanding, just so a woman may feel some comfort in her time of need.

The 2nd reason a woman cheat is because the man that she's with is not financially stable, that is a huge contributing factor to a lady leaving her husband to go and find a suitable mate for her, so that she may be able to survive, have comfort, and safety at the same time as that is what most ladies strive for in a man or a relationship.

When a man is unemployed or does not have any source of income, he is likely to be cheated on by her wife or girlfriend because she wants to enjoy life and there's a saying in the African community that says, "a man is a man with his cows" so he has to be wealthy or he's not getting a wife.

Society has made it a shame for ladies to cheat on their partners, it is a double standard kind of a thing, when a man cheats he is a top notch classical man, but if it's a lady she will be disrespected and she'll be told that she is a female dog to her face just so her reputation is damaged.

The third reason a woman cheats is because her man is not giving her enough attention, so should be lonely and the best way to get his attention would be doing the most stupid thing like dating one of his friends, or anyone who's closely associated with him.

The third reason was the reason that most men ended the up in prison or dead.


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