Churchill Show Live With Mercy Masika


Mercy Masika is one of a profound gospel music minister of Kenya. Her songs has really been a blessing to many peoples lives. Churchill show which is normally aired by Ndambuki AKA churchill, today had a show where Mercy Masika was her guest.

It was interesting to find out that Mercy was brought up in a Christian family. Mercy who is married to David Muguro has been blessed with two children. Her Music ministry started when she was 11 years old.

Her mother who is a also a gospel music minister helped her a lot on her singing career. Mercy was known well in Kenya when she was still studying at Daystar University. She recorded a song and that is how she sprung up.

Years later, Mercy has been seen winning awards after awards. She received her first Groove Awards in the year 2015. She is not only a music minister but also a marriage counselor. She gives advice and encouragement to married couples.