"Tears Of Joy As The Lady Who Sired 4 Kids With Her Bother Gets A Brand New House From Wishers.

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Domitila and her four kids whom she sired together with her biological brother couldn't hide their joy as they got help from well wishers after their story was aired by well wishers.

In the first interview she has narrated how she sired four kids with her brother of which she didn't know because her parents died when she was young and a relative was the one taking care of her.

After she came to the city she met a man who she fell in love with and they got married and sired kids together after staying in marriage for years she decided to invite her aunty to come and visit them.



They were both in shock after the Aunty told th that they were siblings from the same mother and father, after her husband learned that he stopped providing for them and ran away.

By the time Afrimax Tv was airing their story they were living a poor life and there house was almost falling down,after the story was aired few months ago many well wishes came to their rescue and bought them a brand new house with everything needed in a house.

Today they couldn't hide their joy as they were handed the key to their brand new house and a shopping of months and some money to start a business.

Domitila says that she thought that God had forgotten her but now she has a reason to thank him for the good deeds,she thanked everyone who contributed to make a change in her life.


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