Why NPP Financial Guru is yet to Face Vetting from Appointment Committee of Parliament



The Finance Minister Designate, Ken Ofori Atta is expected to face the Appointment Committee in Parliament tomorrow. since after his appointment by the president, he could not get the opportunity to be vetted. The statement came out after his return from medical treatment in abroad.

He could not be vetted as slated earlier because, he got covid-19 complications and have to be flown to abroad for treatment. Now that he came back to Ghana, he has to be vetted before he becomes a lawful minister, if approved. He has fully recovered and fit to run the finance ministry again.

The man is accusing to have a hand in Agyapa Royalties Limited, which everyone is expecting to explain the genesis of the transaction to the end, so as for Ghanaians to be clear in their minds. He has to explain why our public debt is rising beyond our capacity to pay. The economy is also slow in recovering back to life, he has to tell the nation how he will sole the issue.

Ghana has issued several Euro Bonds for the past years, how much profit is the country getting and the loss. He has been accused several times for conflict of interest, which he has to explain to the house. People say, Data Bank which he owns a share inside, has been given government contracts to do, instead of giving other companies the chance.


He went to Achimota Senior High School and further do Bachelor of Art in Economics in Columbia University at United Kingdom. He is the minister of Finance for the past 4 years, hoping to go through 8 years successfully. He is the Co-founder of Data Bank, and also a former chairman for the bank.

Again, he is ranked as third most powerful political finance leaders in Africa. He has excelled in his field with more than 30 years’ experience in Banking. He has other business interests in Insurance, Retail Banking, Private Equity, Micro finance, Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate.

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